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Impressions from the international press conference in Geneva on May 28, 2022


Several interviews in progress

The experts/speakers include:

Philipp Kruse, Attorney at Law - Kruse Law, Switzerland

Catherine Austin Fitts - President of Solari, Inc, USA

Mary Holland - President of Children's Health Advocacy, USA

Leslie Manookian - President/Founder, Attorney, Health Freedom Defense Fund, USA

Helmut P. Krause, Attorney at Law, Germany

Dr. Georg Prchlick, Attorney at Law, Austria

Shabnam Palesa Mohamed, Afro-Asian Sovereignty Coalition, Africa

Dipali Ojha, Attorney at Law, India

Diane Protat, Attorney at Law, France

John Titus, Attorney at Law, USA

Democracy under threat

EN von WHO-Juristen.png

The International Alliance for Justice and Democracy will host a press conference entitled “Democracy at Threat by WHO’s [World Health Organization] Centralization of Power” at the Geneva Press Club to address WHO’s ambiguous procedures following their 75th World Health Assembly (WHA) meeting.

The press conference aims to bring full transparency to legal matters by a group of independent legal experts and other professionals addressing WHO’s ambiguous procedures and plans in conflict with the principles of national and individual sovereignty. This serves as a call to action for national and global decision makers, legal experts, and concerned citizens worldwide.

Read the full Press Release

Livestream and Video

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